Imprisoned Within My Own Mind

Writing is so much of a part of me that I rely on it for fulfillment and true happiness. It’s there when I need it the most, it solves the toughest dilemmas, brings peace to my mind, provides much needed escapes from reality, and allows me to put words to my thoughts and feelings. It protects me and encourages me. It listens and supports me during my brightest and darkest hours. It keeps me grounded and in the present moment. … More Imprisoned Within My Own Mind

Day 1 of IOP: The Powerful Connection through Shared Pain.

If I try to explain my pain and torment to someone who has never been depressed or felt what anxiety or a panic attack is like or the drastic effects of the myriad of medications that my doctor is ‘testing’ on me. If this someone has never been buried so deep in the darkest hole covered with rocks – better yet, boulders – crushing down on you to a point where you are breathing, but barely surviving. This person will never understand your pain. They will never fully be able to get that you can’t just ‘get over it’ or ‘be positive and that will fix everything’. … More Day 1 of IOP: The Powerful Connection through Shared Pain.