Imprisoned Within My Own Mind

Hi everyone, I’m back – after quite a long break.

Writing is so much of a part of me that I rely on it for fulfillment and true happiness. It’s there when I need it the most, it solves the toughest dilemmas, brings peace to my mind, provides much needed escapes from reality, and allows me to put words to my thoughts and feelings. It protects me and encourages me. It listens and supports me during my brightest and darkest hours. It keeps me grounded and in the present moment.

When I am unable to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), my life seems hopeless and tired. It puts me in a state of depression so deep that I can’t even write about my pain; I can’t release the thoughts trapped in my own mind. So they just spiral around until they completely take over. With no release, these thoughts get bigger and bigger until they completely consume me and put me behind bars; there’s no way out. Each day gets worse as I am imprisoned in my own mind with no escape in sight. I fall, weak and tired, into this deep state of depression. This time I was behind bars for two months. Today, I said that’s enough. You don’t rule me, I do and I’m done with this. Of course this doesn’t come easy. It’s wobbly and a little choppy. It lacks originality; it feels a bit like a sob story. But I forced myself anyway. I opened my computer and just started writing; nonsense at first, but it soon came together and the words just started to flow. Finally, I was able to escape.

I hope to stick around and implement a writing schedule, so as to not leave any of you in the dark anymore. Let me know, below, what writing means to you and how it helps you heal or survive.

Thank you, as always, for reading and following.


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