Law of Attraction?

Do you believe that your positive or negative thoughts create either positive or negative experiences in your life? The law of attraction. If you visualize and let the universe know what you want or need out of your life – for the significant other that you dream of, the career and success you desire, the lifestyle you covet, your health, the result you envision of a conversation with your boss, coworker, friend, or family – do your positive or negative thought patterns conceive or determine such experiences in your life?

Over the past several months, I have been battling with a doctor and health care system that has been condescending towards me and not providing me with the care I needed. I was stuck. I found myself fighting the system and being devastated every time someone new failed to help me. I was alone. There was no glimpse of improvement in my life. I was terrified. Completely hopeless. Mad. Beaten down. I was giving up – on the system, on my health, on myself, and on my life.

And then something changed. I had a conversation with someone who helped me, through meditation and breathing exercises, to get certain trapped emotions unstuck from my body and my mind. She helped me realize that I have no power over my doctor’s and health care system’s thoughts, actions, or decisions. I only have control of my own. I needed to release the anger and frustration and hopelessness that I was feeling. I needed to go with the flow and ask the universe to help provide me and my life with the care and treatment I needed. I needed to wake up every morning and feel and envision positive change in my life.

Less than two weeks after this, I was contacted to join a process group that would be so beneficial to my health and soon after that, I was given an appointment with a new doctor. This new doctor was the first person in months to listen to me. To help me and to answer all my questions. He implemented a new treatment plan immediately and I have felt so much positive change in my life since I released my anger, frustration, fear and negativity.

This makes it hard for me to disagree with the power of the law of attraction. Give it a try or share your positive experience with the law of attraction below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

2 thoughts on “Law of Attraction?

  1. I think a lot of natural remedies such as exercise help with our mental health a great deal. I believe it should be part of our rehabilitation along with the classical medications 😊👍


  2. Absolutely. I believe that physical and emotional exercise are both strong forces in healing, along with a personalized treatment plan and medication, if needed. The power that your thought process possesses when healing from mental illness is huge to me.


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