The Oak Tree

I’ve been an oak tree, strong and tall. Roots deep in soil. Amongst mother herself. Growing. Evolving. Adapting. Supporting and feeding. Sheltering and cleaning. I rise tall and high; soaring. Reaching through the clouds – hoping and searching. Needing the touch of the sun, a kiss of warm love. To bask in the glow that feeds my soul. I grow and grow. Support and feed and shelter and clean. Always looking up, never down. To show weakness would be to die. To allow the clouds to cast their shadows would drown my roots and suck me dry… of courage and love. Of life and light until I weep and wither, until I seep and surrender. My leaves will fall one by one; my trunk will shrivel within. If only I knew what I had done, if once – only once – had I taken a rest and a breath. If only once, I loved within. Instead I bled. I fed and cleaned and sheltered and supported until my very own roots rotted away. My very core was now full of decay. I no longer had the strength to grow and reach high in the sky for the kiss of the sun, I could no longer dip and flourish under the soil of mother. I slump and slouch under the burden of others. I must learn to first care for myself. I must then regrow my branches and re-strengthen my core. To live and breathe for me, before I live and breathe for others. I must reach for the flowing sun to dry my feet, feed my soul and fill my core with tender love and everlasting light. I must first feed myself before I am able to feed others. When I am strong, my care for you will never stray. So, together we are whole. Together we are full. Together we are one. We now grow and grow. We support. We feed. We shelter. We clean. We accept and encourage. We love and we flourish. ADELINE MARIE


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