So Inconsequential.

I haven’t been posting too much lately. In all honesty I have had a really rough week with my mental health. Those yucky feelings of being stuck and wanting so much that seems so unattainable. I have taken time off of work and I am really trying to focus my pain and struggling into my writing, but getting stuck on my couch and unable to function. I’m setting easy goals and hoping to keep up on my posts!

Let me know below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ how you’re coping this week – good or bad 💕


4 thoughts on “So Inconsequential.

  1. I know the feeling….
    I’m coping badly. Self harming, stomach ulcers are back, and no energy, motivation, depressed, anxiety and stress levels are high…. I hate it when it all gets out of control like this.


    1. Thank you for sharing. It is so consuming when it gets to that state. The frustrating part for me right now is that I’m waking up feeling normal-ish, and as the day goes on, my symptoms just get worse and worse. Takes over my life. What are some
      of your better coping mechanisms that help you?


      1. I understand…. And sometimes that is how I am, but at the moment I wake up really bad, and then somehow have to survive through the day. It’s like this when its the tough times.
        To be honest, I dissociate quite a bit and cry, and I try to just distract myself. I have to be careful to limit my emotional/mental stimuli. That means not too much time on phone or tablet. Although at times I go to my phone to play games and distract. Even loud noises and things will irritate me and make me angry right now. I cannot deal with any type of little pressure. No time constraints. I need to just be able to be in my zone and perhaps do some art or colour. I know it may sound pathetic…
        I try to relax, but being in a hypervigilant and very anxious state, it makes it very difficult.
        I’m trying to be conscious of my breathing today, and I may need extra meds to help me through this bad time.
        Nature helps, and my pets, and my hubby does what he can too. Sometimes my hubby drives me out and we go for a walk down by a river and see the ducks and swans etc, things like this are soothing….


      2. The thing that has helped me in the morning is a very structured routine, honestly my morning routine starts the night before. I take my meds at 8pm and at that point no more TV or phone. I have a cup of tea with my boyfriend and we read different books about anxiety and depression and healthy coping mechanisms and skills to practice. Then when we’re tired (around 9pm), we’ll go to bed and fall asleep to a guided meditation or sleep hypnosis on YouTube. And we always try to wake up at the same time every morning, weekday and weekends, which is usually 6:30-7am. Then we both have a cup of coffee on the couch snuggled in blankets with our pup and will do a 10-20 minute guided meditation to start off our day. Implementing this routine and learning to be intentional about our sleep hygeine and mindfulness has made a huge impact on my life.
        Never refer to what you’re going through as pathetic. It’s far from it. And it sounds to me like you are taking really healthy steps, no matter how small they may seem. Creative outlet with art, conscious deep breathing, nature, pets, walks…. Those are all such amazing steps in coping. Give yourself credit for that, I’m proud of you 💗

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