The Sea of Sorrow and Grief

As I look up

towards the sky

the raindrops mix with

the tears I cry.

The shadowy storm of the season rolls in

flooding me within, the one that

lives inside of me all year round

always active, making me drown.

It’s immense and grey, an unsettling dismay that

roars and thunders as I wonder…

Will the weight of the sky and dark black clouds

forever surround me in this heavy shroud?

Will I push through the caving ceiling

weighed down from the outpour of my weeping?

to gasp for air in the tears that are seeping, weaving

and engulfing every crevice of my being, drowning

and sinking

forever repeating, this stormy night it

cries and cries, suffocating the light

that once burned inside, buried below

in the sea of me, forever darkened by

the flood of sorrow and grief.

-Adeline Marie


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